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How a High Intensity Workout Worked For Me!

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related I was like most people, I joined a gym to lose weight and get healthier. I spent hours upon hours on treadmills, bikes and other miracle machines with little effect. I would become disheartened by the slow progress I was making and found myself making excuses not to train. I was taken in by the charts on all the machines promoting working out in the Fat Burning Zone.

I was looking for a different approach to my workouts, one which would take a relatively short time and yield great results, and I found that in Turbulence training.

Getting the body, and lifestyle, you dream of is hard work and is something I am still passionately pursuing.
There is a lot of confusing information circulating about the best way to lose fat. Fat loss is simply achieved by using more calories than you consume, called creating a calorie deficit. .

Turbulence training allowed me to build muscle while shifting stubborn fat, I have never felt so full of energy and look forward to my workouts. Had I heard someone saying they enjoyed their exercise routine before discovering Turbulence Training, I would have said they were crazy!

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